And so it begins…


I’ve always enjoyed crafting. From a young age I’ve always been into various different arts and crafts, from anything from drawing to sewing. One of my biggest issues I have always had though, is that I lack self-confidence. I have always underestimated my abilities and downed what I have created, which has often lead me to giving up because I manage to convince myself that ‘it’s not good enough!’

I want to change that. I have created this blog to not only share what I have created, but also discover the crafts others have made, as I love seeing handmade crafts! What I often go by is the saying ‘practice makes perfect’. Admittedly, I haven’t always believed this but recently… I go by it.

The reason behind me making this blog is to encourage me to not give up!

I feel by sharing what I have created, it will give me more confidence in my work and will encourage me to keep going!

I shall look forward to start sharing the creations I have made! 🙂


6 thoughts on “And so it begins…

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  1. Welcome! I also look forward to seeing what you create. I’m always excited to meet fellow crafters and bloggers. Mary

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