Beads… Beads… Beads… Everywhere!

Another craft I enjoy is jewellery making, especially bracelets. Admittedly, I haven’t touched my beads in a long time! That’s something I plan to change though! Whilst I was taking pictures for this post, I realised how much I have missed making bracelets and not sure why I stopped. Probably because I got so caught up with Uni work and teaching myself how to crochet, I just put it on hold!


I have hundreds, possibly thousands of beads! When I was back at Uni, I always enjoyed buying them, constantly thinking ‘ooh those ones are nice!’ ‘I like those!’ ‘I’ll get those ones then I’ll stop!’ ‘Just one more pack’… When I do eventually get round to making some more bracelets, at least I won’t be short for beads!

I’d like to share my first two bracelets I made. The pictures are below! I got a couple of bracelet making kits as a present a couple of Christmas’ ago. I really liked and still like the colours and style of them! From then onwards, I realised I enjoyed this craft and intended to pursue it! Of course, I was at Uni and put it on hold to focus on exams and assignments!



The thing I struggle and struggled with is, finding inspiration for different kinds of bracelets. I always stick with what I know, which is fine, but I would love to become more adventurous with crafting! Feel free to post/share any jewellery what you have made! Would love to see other people’s designs etc.! 🙂

I do intend to make more jewellery like I mentioned before, but at the moment I am currently concentrating on finishing my Granny Square Blanket! 🙂

Feel free to comment your creations/thoughts/suggestions! 🙂

Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Beads… Beads… Beads… Everywhere!

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  1. Those bracelets are lovely! You should make more of those 🙂

    I am currently thinking of learning to make my own jewelry too. It seems like a lot of fun but I am daunted at the thought of buying so many tools, and then what to do with them if the hobby shouldn’t stick, you know? But to further look into the matter, and also as a means to inspire myself, I subscribe to youtube channels and go on Pinterest to see what others are making. Speaking of which, this is how I inspire myself with my crochet & knitting too. Might want to give it a try to get your creative juices over-flowing 😉

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    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Good luck with your crafting! I was fortunate that I got a starter tool kit and enjoyed making those bracelets in my blog! I was just buying more threads, beads etc. The way I look at it, it’ll always be there if you fancy making something! 🙂

      Thanks for the advice! I tend to use Pinterest quite a lot, but may need another look! It’s been a while 😉

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